Radio Citizen (Nairobi)

106.7 FM

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Francis Rugwiti - SitukaLive
  • Koffie Olomide - Attentat, pt. 1
  • Faya Tess - Fololo Ya Gancia
  • Madilu System - Pie Mboyo
  • Pierre Moutouari - Missengue
  • Mlimani Park Orchestra - Neema
  • Andrew Lobby - Did She Mention My Name
  • Dave Bethell - Serious News
  • James Angana - Lukani in Kiswahili
  • Samba Mapangala - Nyama Choma


This is the biggest radio network in Kenya. It broadcasts in Kiswahili and is based in some of the main cities in the country. The programming of Citizen Radio includes African music, news, information and talk shows.


Chem chemi ya Ukweli!

Main DJs

  • Jeridah
  • Joyce
  • Kamau
  • Tuva
  • Odipo
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