Radio 254


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Dj Mawinch - SHRAP Vol 18Live
  • Band BeCa Ft Treesha - High as a KIte
  • Exray Taniua ft Dyana Cods - Doshi Ngumu
  • Dj Sonch Gengetone Vol 9 Mixtape [2021]
  • Various Artists - A to Z
  • Kenya Hip Hop Mix
  • Vivian Olang - Sweet Things ( Gik Mamit ) Eltonnick Remix
  • Blocka Beats - Nothing to prove
  • BvAccurate - Jana ulichoma Remix


This radio station is broadcasted worldwide and is dedicated to bringing exclusive programming playing Kenyan music and disseminating Kenyan culture to the listeners. It is on air for 24 hours, daily.

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